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  • Fussume


    23 JUNE 2023 skins FUSSUME In a symbiosis of elegance and creativity, the worlds of fashion and art come together in a unique space with the purpose of giving voice to talented emerging artists and designers. On the 23rd of June, Sopelana became the epicentre of the art scene with the opening of Fussume, a…

  • Unsumisses gazes

    Unsumisses gazes

    25 May 2023 Unsumisses Gazes FLIPA. ART GALLERY ‘UNSUBMISSIVE GAZES’, a collective exhibition that presents alternative gazes on the body and desire through the work of eleven artists, spanning through painting, sculpture, photography and installation. «The first feminist gesture is to say: “OK, they’re looking at me. But I’m looking at them”. The act of…

  • La piel tiene memoria

    La piel tiene memoria

    29 July 2023 The skin has memory FESTIVAL ART NOU 2023 On July 29th, the artist Natalia Santos joined the artistic collective NOMEVOY to participate in the 2023 Art Nou Festival in Barcelona, where she presented her project «The skin has memory.» The artistic intervention took place at Lavandería Merlín, an unusual space with the…